Sunnyvale Domestic Violence Lawyers

Sunnyvale Domestic Violence Lawyers
The Sunnyvale domestic violence lawyers at the law offices of Dennis Alan Lempert are ready to help fight your case. Domestic violence is taken seriously in the state of California and refers to any physical or mental force taken against a spouse, romantic partner, child, or family member in the household. If you have been accused of such an act, it is crucial to seek help from experienced domestic violence lawyers in Sunnyvale. If convicted, you can face serious penalties.

Understanding Domestic Violence Claims In Sunnyvale

Domestic violence claims in Sunnyvale are based on the laws of the state. In California, it is illegal to use physical force or threats against another individual. Many cases involve one person filing a restraining order against an accused abuser, especially for spousal, child, or elder mistreatment.

The Rundown On California Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

In California, there are four basic types of protective orders:
• Criminal Protective Order. This type of order lasts throughout a case and may be extended for up to 10 years after proving abuse.
• Emergency Protective Order. This order lasts up to five days and may be obtained without notification to the accused.
• Temporary Order. This lasts for 15 days or until a permanent order can be issued.
• Permanent Restraining Order. This order is issued after the accused is notified and has the opportunity to respond. This can last up to five years and may be renewed for even longer.

Our Domestic Violence Lawyers In Sunnyvale Fight False Claims

It is not uncommon for a person to be wrongfully accused of domestic violence. A Sunnyvale domestic violence lawyer will fight hard to restore your reputation. In severe cases, a falsely accused individual may lose his or her job or visitation rights. The law offices of Dennis Alan Lempert have strong teams of Sunnyvale domestic violence lawyers who work hard to make sure you name remains clear.

If you are searching for top representation to fight domestic violence claims in Sunnyvale, look no further than the law offices of Dennis Alan Lempert. Our team of Sunnyvale domestic violence attorneys has over four decades of experience. Our lawyers understand how to defend you against false claims.

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A Sunnyvale domestic violence lawyer at our office will try to persuade the prosecuting attorney to lower the charges or completely drop the claim. We have a successful winning record and can bring you the justice you deserve. For a free consultation, contact our office and speak with one of our expert Sunnyvale domestic violence attorneys.