Santa Clara DUI Lawyers

Having a Santa Clara DUI defense attorney work with you may help lessen the severity of the judge’s sentence. Whether you’ve just had your first arrest for driving under the influence or if it’s a repeat offense, you need a Santa Clara DUI lawyer who can help you back up when you’re down. When you need help after a DUI arrest, let the law offices of Dennis Alan Lempert handle your case.

Our Knowledgeable Santa Clara DUI Attorneys Want To Help

Driving under the influence in Santa Clara comes with harsh penalties that can affect your future. Some of the penalties involved with a DUI include:
• Jail time
• Suspended or revoked license
• Probation
• Expensive fines
• Mandatory classes
• Higher insurance premiums
In many cases, your blood alcohol content determines the extent in which you’re fined and penalized. Other instances, such as if you were involved in aggravated driving or had a minor in your vehicle, also play a part in your case. If you had a blood alcohol content higher than .12, you need a DUI lawyer in Santa Clara who understands all of the laws and the knowledge of plea bargaining.

Hire The Professional DUI Lawyers In Santa Clara CA

From plea bargaining to sentence bargaining, we understand the laws in California and want to assist in your case. We can help with sentence bargaining and reduce your period of incarceration for serious DUI offenses. In cases where someone has died because of your DUI, you need a Santa Clara DUI lawyer with you to navigate the administration procedure and to advise in how to plead.

Santa Clara DUI Defense Lawyers You Can Trust

Some DUI lawyers in Santa Clara CA may not suggest seeking a lawyer for a first-time offense. However, law enforcement officers have started cracking down on first-time offenders, with harsher punishments. You need a DUI lawyer in Santa Clara who will fight for your rights and represent you in the court of law.

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Contact the Law Offices of Dennis Alan Lempert to assist with your DUI arrest. Even if it’s your first-time offense, we can help ease your burden and help you cope with the situation. Our Santa Clara DUI attorneys are ready to review your case and help meet your needs as you go through this difficult time.