Santa Clara Domestic Violence Lawyers

A Santa Clara domestic violence lawyer can prepare a defense to help you avoid jail time, probation and the loss of child custody. Expert defense lawyers from the law offices of Dennis Alan Lempert can protect your rights when you face serious criminal charges. As experienced domestic violence lawyers in Santa Clara, our firm can prepare an aggressive defense for you.

Consequences Of A Conviction Resulting From Domestic Violence Claims In Santa Clara

News about domestic violence brings the matter to the public’s attention, making it very important to seek Santa Clara domestic violence lawyers when you need them. The NFL is shining a spotlight on football players who face charges of domestic violence. It is no longer easy to escape the attention that domestic violence claims in Santa Clara or anywhere else could attract. When facing such charges, you need to review your case with dependable and experienced Santa Clara domestic violence attorneys.

A conviction for domestic abuse can cost you more than you may realize. The least you can probably expect is mandatory counseling, but the penalties get much worse. A conviction creates a permanent criminal record, and you may receive a restraining order.

Get A Free Consultation From Santa Clara Domestic Violence Attorneys

You can get a free consultation with a Santa Clara domestic violence lawyer at the Law Offices of Dennis Alan Lempert. With 10 years of experience as a Deputy District Attorney in Santa Clara County, Attorney Lempert can prepare the best defense for you. Domestic violence claims in Santa Clara are serious, and you need the best representation that you can find.

Don’t Suffer The Entanglement Of A Contentious Restraining Order

Avoiding consequences that can affect the rest of your life is a matter of the highest priority. Santa Clara domestic violence attorneys know the risks that you face, and you can count on them to prepare an aggressive defense. The consequences of a restraining order can disrupt a life, causing tension within any family. Getting representation by domestic violence lawyers in Santa Clara protects your rights at a time when you need them the most.

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Domestic violence charges do not go away without a litigation process, and you can start to address them with the help of Santa Clara domestic violence lawyers. We provide all of our clients with a free consultation. The law firm of Dennis Alan Lempert in Santa Clara may provide the ray of hope that you badly need.