San Jose DUI Lawyers

The San Jose DUI laws reflect those of all of California, and are tougher than ever. The penalties are too. If you have been charged with DUI, you may feel like you’re out of luck. Law enforcement has a lot of power, but all citizens can legally defend their rights. The surest way to protect them is by hiring an experienced San Jose DUI lawyer, and the law firm of Dennis Alan Lempert can help.

A DUI Conviction Is Not A Foregone Conclusion

The law offices of Dennis Alan Lempert are staffed by knowledgeable, experienced San Jose DUI attorneys. Every day, we help people just like you build strong defenses. As stressful and upsetting as it may be to face DUI charges, the fact is that they don’t always result in convictions. Our DUI lawyers in San Jose CA will independently investigate the circumstances of your arrest to look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. We will work tirelessly to help build the strongest defense possible for you.

Unlawfully Arrested? Hire A DUI Lawyer In San Jose

The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unlawful searches and seizures. Police may not stop a vehicle for no reason at all. Oftentimes, though, that’s precisely how DUI arrests begin. Were your constitutional rights violated? Your San Jose DUI defense team will look into the matter carefully. A motion to dismiss may be in order, and it could put a stop to your charges entirely.

Our San Jose DUI Attorneys Know That Law Enforcement Must Obey The Law Too

Without the help of a skilled San Jose DUI lawyer, you could be convicted of DUI even if law enforcement failed to obey the law themselves. Certain criteria must be met with regards to things like chemical tests and field sobriety tests. Our DUI lawyers in San Jose CA will investigate the circumstances of your arrest to see if any of your rights were violated. Sometimes, evidence from chemical tests and field sobriety tests is ruled inadmissible, and the prosecution’s case falls apart.

An Expert San Jose DUI Defense Team Is The Best Defense

Legal representation is a must when facing DUI charges. A conviction won’t just cost you a lot of time and money. It could have repercussions that last the rest of your life. The right DUI lawyer in San Jose can make a huge difference. It’s well worth the investment of time to line up the best representation possible. Our San Jose DUI attorneys are ready to assist you, so contact the law offices of Dennis Alan Lempert today.