Theft & Burglary Criminal Defense Attorney

Theft and Burglary criminal defense

Defending Theft Criminal Charges in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County

The charge of theft can have many different manifestations, but the potential consequences are always serious. At the Law Offices of Dennis Alan Lempert, we have been representing clients charged with theft for more than four decades. If you have been charged with a white collar or less serious theft crime or even shoplifting, our founding partner is experienced as both a defense attorney and an accountant. We are adept at handling any type of theft or burglary crime in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

Theft and burglary crimes may include:

  • Petty Theft
  • Grand Theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Robbery (Forcibly stealing from a person)
  • Burglary (Entering a premises with the intent to steal or commit a felony )
  • Embezzlement
  • Extortion

If you’ve been arrested for or think you may be charged for any of the crimes above, don’t delay! Don’t admit anything to anyone. Call (408) 916-4650 to speak with the criminal defense experts at the Law Offices of Dennis Alan Lempert.